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You may wonder why is Swatch any to do with our topic of communications and technology, but I can tell you that it certainly does! Swatch is a type of quartz watch produced in Swiss. The name Swatch came from the combination of “Swiss” and “watch”. It was first launched to “attack” the aggressive growth of Japanese watches companies and inexpensive watches from Asia, especially those from Hong Kong. Swatch was a real technology back to its first launched. Swiss watches were made with many parts and pieces. On the other hand, the launch of Swatch greatly reduced the parts required in a watch, therefore making it lighter, thinner and obviously cheaper. On the communications side, Swatch was also a big successor in communicating ideas and messages to public consumers. Watches do not only symbolize your status, Swatch conveys the message that watches also tell others about your personality and your styles. Similar to fashion, customers’ tastes and preferences keep changing everyday and it is important to predict their preferences to rule out competitors. Watches can also be used as a piece of jewellery rather just a time piece. In a survey conducted in Europe in 1990s, on average each person approximately owns seven Swatches, for different locations and events. Swatch does not only change consumers' perceptions of what a watch is, it also modifies itself different from typical Swiss-made watches (reducing the parts included in watch) and priced it cheaper. Furthermore, in order to stay competitive and distinguish itself from competitors swatch created Swatch Talk, a Dick Tracy-type wrist watch with an integrated mobile telephone.Later on, Swatch developed the Swatch Beat, as a completely new global concept of tme meaning that with Swatch Beat the time was the same all over the world "No Time Zones, No Gegraphical Borders." . Second initiative of Swatch was to launch a new advertising campaign designed to reinforce the brand's primary message." Innovation, provocation, fun. Forever."Sponsorship was focused on new and youth oriented sports with a healthy lifestyle, such as snowboarding, mountain biking, bungee jujping, and rock climbing.
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